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The Paper Mill Lounge: A cocktail lounge and event venue with a great clientele, New Orleans style ambiance, hand-crafted cocktails, delicious grub and awesome entertainment that is cleverly dramatic, always delicious!

If you're the kind of person who likes the social clubs of New York and New Orleans, The Paper Mill Lounge is definitely worth a visit. It's located at 553 W Main St, in Sylva NC, housed in The Lady of Sylva, one of the oldest buildings in our town! Even though the décor is elegant, the vibe here is still relaxed, well, until the midnight hours when things might turn a little clubby. We like The Paper Mill dimly lit, almost golden aura and some of its antique design elements! Most of the time, you can sit wherever you want -- in the over stuffed seats in various rooms thru out or at the beautiful handcrafted bar -- but if live entertainment gets you going, our extensive events list will definitely satisfy!

What's best about The Paper Mill, it's a place to enjoy some high-quality handcrafted cocktails, wines, brews, grub  and great conversation. If you're a beer drinker, no worries, we have draft and other great bottled beers! If you're a handcrafted cocktail enthusiast, well, you'll feel like an explorer who's just stumbled upon a treasure -- a wonderful menu of specialty cocktails. Classic drinks -- from the Manhattan to the Mimosa -- are done with flavor in mind. We prepare these drinks, which usually end up being as visually appealing as they are flavorful. Expect to see lots of patrons snapping pictures of these concoctions with their phones. 

As for events?  Visit our contacts page to submit questions you may have to our experienced events staff!  

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Full bar features a selection of beer

(bottled & draught),  wine  and mixed drinks.

Eat, Eat & Eat

We offer a well -rounded, delicious menu for dining-in and munching.


Entertainment is a broad spectrum to keep our guests laughing, dancing or WTF'ing.  Some acts are restricted to 21+.

Open to all Ages!

All ages are encouraged to enjoy the venue and find their space.