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Our Pavilion

With over 1300sqft of designable space, our Pavilion is the perfect backdrop to design your event as you want.  The Pavilion is located along a brillantly lite path to the back area of the McGuire Estate property, ensuring a sense of privacy and intimacy.  The bar itself is designed to be moved to be used as intended or as a serving station for hors d'oeuvres and entrees.  

Change It Up

The interior is painted in all white and can be arranged to have a stage, dance floor, viewing seating or eight round tables to seat up to 64 people for dining. We take pride in the changeability of this particular part of the venue.  Whether your heart desires a rustic chic look or a more professional business tone, it can all be arranged tastefully to meet any aesthetic.  

Stop The Show

Looking for that perfect get away for a musical, theatric or business education event?  The Pavilion can meet your needs with lighting and various technologies including displays.  

Book Signing Set Up

Events in The Pavilion can be extravagantly elegant or very simple.

Pavilion Bar

Enjoy tasty cocktails at your event.

Pavilion Interior

The Pavilion can be set up in many ways to meet your vision, up to 64 seated for dining.

Pavilion Backview

Our pavilion can be equipped with a staging area.

Pavilion, Night Vision

The Pavilion takes on a little lore romance as the light fades.

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