Events At Our House

Our food is everything we find appealing, mouth-watering, delectable, savory, delicious, palatable, inviting, tantalizing, toothsome, luscious, tempting, tasty, enticing. Visit us for our mainstays on our menu or enjoy a weekly Chef's Specialty.  Having a party and would like us to cater?  Let us know on HERE

Unique And Fresh

Nothing gives more flavor to your food than fresh ingredients. As time goes on, preserved food loses its taste, but ingredients that are fresh with no preservatives provide the authentic taste that every single ingredient has. When our chef buys vegetables and fruits, she makes sure  they are the most select, ripe and firm to bring up delicious flavors that will keep you coming back for more.  

Experience Is Key

Enjoying a handcrafted food is about indulging in the experience of top notch culinary.  

Karson & Alyssa

Karson & Alyssa at their head table designed by our experts!

Craig & Girls

Events are about you and your friends and family!

Alyssa & Karson

Congratulations to Alyssa & Karson!


Your event staged to your wants & needs!

Hexagon Arbor

Just one of our arbors for your special day!

Mary & Aaron

Congratulations Mary & Aaron!